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The most successful companies in the world conduct extensive planning and effectively manage execution of the plan.

The vast majority of small businesses do not operate with a formal, written business strategy or a system to effectively execute a plan.

Realizing that most small business owners are too immersed in the operation of their companies to develop and implement such a system, we developed a systematic process to:

  • clarify, quantify and communicate company goals
  • develop a comprehensive strategy to achieve them, and
  • execute through an engaged team working in alignment towards a common goal

We call this process THE PIP.

Our Beliefs

We believe that small business is the backbone of the U.S. economy and that every small business will profit from the implementation of THE PIP.


We believe the key to success in ANY endeavor, business or personal, is contained in three words you should think of before you say or do ANYTHING.

They are, simply: “What’s the Goal?

If you don’t know what the goal is, how will you achieve it? Moreover, when running a business, if you are not clear on your goals, your employees can’t possibly achieve or be held accountable to them.


We believe that the formula for success in any endeavor is:

  1. Clear and Quantifiable GOALS
  2. A Comprehensive STRATEGY to Achieve the Goals
  3. Systematic EXECUTION of the Strategy

...and that the value of the strategy, without regard to how brilliant or well-conceived, is a function of the effectiveness of its execution... and that all business strategies must be executed through people.

Thus, we believe the key ingredient for success for any company is an engaged team.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to transform the world economy by making a sustainable positive impact on small business productivity, profitability, bankability and valuation.

We will accomplish our Mission through the distribution (checklist and manuals), facilitation (consultation and training) or implementation (Critical Factors Management System) of our Performance Improvement Process (THE PIP) into no less than 1,000 small business per year.

Thus, in 2015, our Founder, David G. Kinney, made two decisions:

  1. Write a book explaining the process for those business owners who prefer to do it themselves
  2. Start a program to hire and train former, retired business owners to implement The Critical Factors Management System in order to expand our capacity to do it for you.

Our Values

In everything we do we pledge to conduct ourselves with:

  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Efficiency
  • Sustainability

Our Founder

Critical Factors was founded by David G. Kinney, a graduate of Harvard University with over 30 years of management experience and expertise.

Addressing Croatian Family Business CouncilMr. Kinney entered Fortune 500 management training with Monarch Financial Services immediately after graduating from Harvard with a degree in Economics. He worked on the team that created Prime Plan; the first single premium variable annuity introduced in the United States. He joined Merrill Lynch upon their acquisition of Prime Plan from Monarch and was instrumental in the development of the sales and broker support system.

Mr. Kinney consistently gravitated towards, and ultimately discovered a natural talent and inclination, if not obsession, for quantifying the critical factors that drive business success and developing systems for the strategic execution of those critical factors.


  • Monarch realized a sustained 225% increase in agent production within five weeks of implementation of his sales system
  • Strategized the development of Advanced Financial Services, the pioneer in the brokerage of home refinancing and ultimately the national leader in the second-mortgage industry
  • Strategized the start-up of a niche food company that then obtained 92% distribution and garnered a 4.4% share of Southern California market sales within four months of introduction
  • Strategized a direct mail publication that generated average coupon redemptions of 17% in an industry where the national average was and remains 1%
  • Developed and launched the first universal (applies to all media), globally applicable (adaptable to any country or culture) content-based entertainment ratings system
  • Testified extensively as an expert witness on Capitol Hill including three times before the U.S. Senate relative to media’s impact on children


Over the years, Mr. Kinney accumulated knowledge, experience and relationships in a variety of industries while implementing the business fundamentals and systems critical to the profitability and valuation of companies within those industries.

He has now developed the Critical Factors Management System; a customizable management system that inspires employee engagement and ensures that every employee does precisely what is required for the company to achieve optimal productivity and profitability. It provides for systematic execution of the business strategy, provides consistent and objective performance monitoring and ensures the timely appropriate actions necessary to effectively drive execution and achieve business success.

He has also developed THE PIP Checklist and THE PIP Manual as a means of providing small business owners with the process behind The Critical Factors Management System as a means of fulfilling the Critical Factors Management System Mission of assisting 1,000 small businesses per year.

Critical Factors capitalizes upon Mr. Kinney’s expertise in corporate governance, management system customization and implementation, management training and leadership development as components of a systematic approach to optimizing the productivity, profitability and valuation of small businesses.

Speaking Engagements

To schedule speaking engagements please send an email to support@critical-factors.com.

Our Core Offers

Creating alignment, inspiring employee engagement and driving accountability are at the heart of THE PIP. It is a systematic process for inspiring excellence while ensuring efficient and profitable execution of the business strategy.

And now, you can choose to implement THE PIP yourself or have it done for you through customization and implementation of The Critical Factors Management System.

If you are the CEO of a small business and you want to gain greater control and drive increased productivity for maximum sustainable growth in profitability by leading an aligned, engaged and accountable team, you want THE PIP.

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