Here are some financial and operational management services that can support you.





We convert your raw data into actionable Information

Data Reconstruction

Information is Power. Data is useless unless it is turned into actionable information. In those instances in which financial records have not been properly maintained we can conduct a forensic analysis of available data and reconstruct a complete set of financials.


We convert your actionable information into any type of report or graph you need

Financial Statements

For many business owners, the financials are just a 'bunch of numbers on a page'. In most instances, an accountant has set up the books to be GAAP compliant but not with a view to providing actionable intelligence. Our unique approach provides an assessment of the current health of the business and provides the information necessary to understand the performance of the company through comprehensive, GAPP-compliant P&L, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow and Operating Ratio statements.

Financial Forecasts

The financial forecast, based upon the trends in performance over the previous three years, provides the most accurate forecast of future performance. Our optional monthly rolling forecast empowers better decision making based upon historical performance, current company resources and projected cash flows.

Report Generation

Your business generates a treasure trove of data but what is the information you need to make informed decisions? There is no need to sift through data seeking the information you seek. We can customize your data into any type of report you need to make informed decisions that impact your business success.


We provide objective analyses of your information for better decision making

Profitability Analysis

It is not enough to know if you are profitable or not. You need to know WHY. Our profitability analyses determine those factors that impact profitability in terms of products, distribution channels, departments, personnel, operating ratios and any factors unique to your company.

Performance Analysis

Every deviation from financial budgets or performance metrics impacts the execution of the strategy. We employ a specialized process to objectively, consistently and transparently monitor financial and productivity performance on a timely basis to ensure year-end achievement of company goals.


We specialize in the development of realistic & EXECUTABLE business strategies

Top Level Strategy

Proper financials and historical performance data provide the foundation for our half day planning sessions in which we work with executive management to identify and define budgetary and performance drivers that can be better managed to positively impact future performance on a sustainable basis.

Expanded Strategy

Our full day planning sessions are designed to create alignment at all levels of management as we further clarify company goals, review historical performance, conduct a SWOT analysis and expand the strategy through the collective input of all team members, develop contingencies for foreseeable challenges and explore tactical considerations in the execution of the strategy.

Comprehensive Strategy

Our year-end, in-depth planning and review sessions provide guided development of a comprehensive strategy to achieve company goals through a thorough review of historical performance, conducting of a SWOT analysis and identification, analysis, discussion and establishment of budgets and performance metrics for critical financial and productivity drivers.

Business Modeling

Our unique business modeling services quantify and align every budget and performance metric necessary to achieve the company goals. Supplemented with three years of historical data, the business model provides the foundation for reliable financial forecasts and corporate performance monitoring.


Our systematic process is the most efficient means of optimizing corporate performance

Critical Factors Management System

We systematically execute the strategy with consistent, objective and transparent monitoring and timely course correction through the Critical Factors Management System.

Management Support Services

Gain access to professional COO and CFO level management support for any of the above services. Gain greater decision making insights from the operational and financial intelligence already residing within your company.

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Critical Factors Management System

Have a complete system for managing corporate performance optimization; fully customized and generating results within 45 days. The Critical Factors Management System is the Complete Corporate Performance Management System for Small Business.

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Outsourced COO & CFO Engagements

Ensure that all of the operational and financial intelligence of your company is efficiently focused on productivity and profitability. Critical Factors Management System clients enjoy outsourced COO and CFO level support at a fraction of the in-house cost.

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Weekly Consultation

Develop a trusted resource with whom you can bounce ideas, strategize, brainstorm, confide and just stay on track with your goals. The Accountability Confidant program provides direct access to executive management experience, expertise and resources.

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