Break it Down into EXECUTABLE Components

When your car is out of alignment – you know it. It just doesn’t feel right. You feel less in control and you know you’re wasting gas and tires.

It's really not that much different for a company.

When your company is not operating on all cylinders - when things are out of synch – you feel less in control and you know you have diminished productivity and profits are suffering.

That can be stressful. And you aren’t building a company for the love of becoming a harried business owner.

In order for your company to operate at its full potential, you want to lead with the calm control of a CEO of a strategically aligned team.

This means a team whose individual goals are tied directly to the strategic plan.

Whether you do it on your own (Start Here) or engage us to do it for you (Outsourced COO/CFO), just follow the CPO process.

We create alignment through the CPO process by utilizing a structure that every member of the team can readily understand.

We recognize that every company is unique and rightly takes pride in that uniqueness. At its essence, however, every company, whether for-profit or non-profit, services or widgets, Fortune 100 or Startup; has six critical components:

  1. Product or Service - someone needs to be responsible for the conceptualization, refinement and development of your product or service to ensure it meets your customer promise
  2. Marketing - you can have the greatest product or service in the world but if no one knows about it...
  3. Sales – awareness of and interest in your product or service needs to be converted into revenue
  4. Operations - the product or service needs to be produced, warehoused, distributed and supported
  5. Finance - revenue must be collected, bills must be paid and money must be managed
  6. Administration - strategic planning, legal, risk management and human resources support the entire organization

By taking the VISION of the company and allocating the goals to these six functional areas of every company, we start the process of creating the alignment necessary for efficient and effective execution of the business strategy.

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