THE PIP: How to Create an Unstoppable Team

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Whether you are in growth, turnaround or exit mode – your objective is to create sustainable increase in profitability. That means optimal performance – from EVERY member of your team.

BUT, according to an annual report published by the Harvard Business Review, “Gallup’s research shows that engagement among US workers is holding steady at a scant 30%. This means that seven out of ten people are either ‘checked out’, or actively hostile toward their employers. Seven out of ten.”

The truth is, ALL business owners and managers are at various levels of STUCK.

At this level, it's not so much about DOING things but about GETTING THINGS DONE through other people.

There’s just so much to consider when you need to get things done through people who have a mind of their own.

But you don't have to stay stuck. We have a 7 Step process to help you master this performance improvement stuff on a company-wide level…

And by “stuff” we mean…

The Process

It’s the same process every successful company ultimately evolves. In fact, it's at the heart of every successful sports team.

THE Performance Improvement Plan (THE PIP) is a systematic process for getting EVERY member of your team working in alignment, inspired to hold themselves accountable to performing at their best to achieve your business vision.

This process works for small and enterprise level businesses. It works for mom-and-pop shops and billion dollar retailers. It works whether you sell services or widgets.

This process works because it incorporates but goes beyond strategy... can work with but does not require software... works within but can unify disparate corporate cultures…

... it is a systematic process that:

  • creates alignment for maximum efficiency and productivity
  • drives accountability to the budgets and performance metrics of your business strategy
  • inspires engagement and therefore the best performance from every member of your team

We call it THE Performance Improvement Plan (or THE PIP).

THE PIP is a systematic, 7 step process for consistently increasing productivity for maximum sustainable increase in profitability and business valuation.

  • To get started, simply download THE PIP Checklist. It's FREE!
  • If it makes sense to you, get THE PIP Manual for step-by-step guidance.
  • If you get stuck, schedule a Consultation (through our automated system - no sales calls).
  • Or, if you'd like, have us do it all for you through the Critical Factors Management System.

But GET STARTED today with THE PIP Checklist!

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You Can't Do It All By Yourself

No one knows your business and your company better than you. You conceived of it, you gave birth to it and you’ve nurtured it into a viable entity.

To reach your full potential as a business, however, you must rely upon your employees to execute your vision. After all, every business strategy has to be executed through people. But don’t kid yourself. Statistically, 70% of ALL employees are disengaged.

It is critical to your ultimate success that you inspire the best from your people and systematically optimize their productivity through a consistent, structured process.

THE PIP provides that structure.

THE Performance Improvement Plan Creates:

  • An Aligned Team
  • An Engaged Workforce
  • Improvement in Morale
  • Improvement in Product/Service Quality
  • Increased Productivity
  • Improvement in Cash Flow
  • Increased Profitability
  • Improvement in Enterprise Value
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What is a Performance Improvement Plan?

Generally speaking, a Performance Improvement Plan usually pertains to an employee that is being considered for termination. They are put on a PIP which usually means they have 60 - 90 days to shape up or ship out.

I have borrowed the term to apply it to this process for optimizing the performance of companies of every size, stage and industry. Actually, I have been referring to this process as Corporate Performance Optimization (CPO) and executing it through The Critical Factors Management System since 2008.

In order to make this process of corporate performance optimization more accessible, I created a checklist of the exact steps I follow when I implement The Critical Factors Management System into client companies. I also wrote a manual that explains how to execute each step of the checklist. And then my marketing team convinced me to call it THE PIP.

It's more catchy and more fun but it is not play. Optimizing the performance of an entire company is serious work and you can get started today by following the steps of THE PIP Checklist.

Just as a performance improvement plan is usually employed when the performance of an individual employee requires improvement, THE PIP will systematically improve the performance of your company as a whole.

And, just as a performance improvement plan is put in place as part of an effort to reverse an undesirable trend, THE PIP is a permanent solution to low productivity, low morale, diminishing profits, lower cash flow and most, if not all, low performance indicators.

THE PIP is a 7 Step Process that not only creates alignment, drives accountability and inspires engagement, it is also a systematic process for consistently and objectively monitoring performance and ensuring timely course correction.

THE PIP is, in fact, a systematic process for creating sustainable increase in profitability.

But don't simply take my word for it.

Download THE PIP Checklist and determine for yourself the positive impact that THE Performance Improvement Plan can have on improving productivity in your company.

Optimizing the performance of an entire company is serious work.Click Here to Get Started with the FREE PIP Checklist Today!
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                                                   David G. Kinney is the CEO of The Kinney Group and the Developer of The Critical David Round No Border WhiteFactors Management System.

A Harvard educated economist, he has applied over 30 years of diverse, international executive management experience in start-up, growth, turnaround and exit mode to develop Critical Factors as The Complete Corporate Performance Management System for Small Business and the most effective system for executing ANY business strategy.

The philosophy behind his work is that the most important ingredient to success in any company is its people.

He has developed THE PIP Checklist and THE PIP Manual to assist CEOs to optimize performance from this invaluable resource and continues to work directly with small business owners and their management teams on a select basis through The Critical Factors Management System.