Thank You For Registering for Monday Lunch

I am certain you will gain great value from this unique program. Not only does it provide the opportunity to benefit from objective, professional advice on the issues confronting you in creating sustainable increase in productivity and profitability for your company but I believe you will gain invaluable insights from fellow small business CEOs confronting the same challenges facing you.

We have a quick verification process that we have now begun. We will simply look up your company in our national database and confirm a few non-financial, non-proprietary items with your assistant.

We do this to ensure that you are collaborating with fellow small business owners of companies generating a minimum of $2 million in revenue and thus, again, confronting the same challenges as you.

We look forward to sending confirmation of your membership in this exclusive group within 48 business hours.

Thanks again for joining us and, as always, please be sure to contact us with any comments or suggestions on how we may assist you further.


David G. Kinney, CEO