The Role of the CEO

According to a recent article published on the Harvard Business Review Blog Network, “Gallup’s research shows that engagement among US workers is holding steady at a scant 30%.”

This means that seven out of ten people are either ‘checked out’, or actively hostile toward their employers. Seven out of ten.”

As a CEO, your focus should not be so much about DOING things as it should be about GETTING THINGS DONE through other people.

In fact, ‘getting things done’ is actually the primary responsibility of your COO.

Your primary responsibility, as CEO, is to inspire engagement. In other words, to lead… and inspire others to follow you.

This is your company. Your vision. Your strategy. …or is it?

If you want to inspire engagement… to touch something within each member of your team, it is important to include them in from the beginning…

...from the WHY to the MISSION to the VISION to the STRATEGY. (Start Here) You lose nothing.

In fact, you gain greater control.

Whether you have followed the steps of the CPO process yourself or had us do it for you, you are in a position to properly share your vision with your team. The better prepared you are, the better the outcome.

You don’t want to impose it upon them. Nor are you seeking for them to critique it. The objective is to gain buy-in and potentially expand your vision.

But why do you need the buy-in of your team? Doesn’t paying them entitle you to expect the best out of them?

It simply doesn't work that way.

Common sense dictates that a demotivated person is less productive than a motivated person.

Consider also that, for the most part, compensation to employees is the largest line item on any income statement.

Thus, it is imperative to inspire the greatest productivity possible out of every employee.

It’s not that you owe them a living; it’s that you owe it to yourself to most effectively utilize this critical resource.

In order to start increasing productivity today, increase employee engagement.

An engaged workforce is a productive workforce.

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