Get a Clear Picture of Where Your Business is Headed (And Why)

An accurate assessment of current financial health as well as forecasted performance of your company provides the foundation for making decisions about how best to achieve your overall corporate objectives.

  • Financial and Operating Ratios evaluate the overall health of the company while…
  • The Income Statement projects future profitability and…
  • The Cash Flow Statement projects the uses of cash and therefore indicates whether or not the business can afford to finance future growth and create the value indicated by…
  • The Balance Sheet which provides a snap shot of the assets, liabilities and shareholder equity of the company in each projection period

* Pro Forma Statements require 3 years of historical financials and will include projected P&L, Cash Flow and Balance Sheet Statements

Get a Complete Set of Integrated Financial Statements
5 Year Pro Forma Statements*


Commonly Asked Questions

  • Q.Are These Financials GAAP Compliant?

    A.Full disclosure. We are not a CPA firm nor are we a law firm. We specialize in business strategy and execution and, as such, analyze and generate financial statements every day as the foundation for creating EXECUTABLE business strategies. And yes, all financial statements that we generate are GAAP compliant.

  • Q.What About Confidentiality?

    A.Upon receipt of payment, you will receive a confirmation email immediately along with a signed copy of our Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) within 24 hours (so that we may personalize the NDA with your information). You can see a sample here. You can make edits to the NDA or request that we use yours. We will begin work on your Financial Statements as soon as both parties have signed the NDA.

  • Q.Why Do You Require 3 Years of Financials?

    A.For this introductory offer, we will generate a complete set of 5 year, pro-forma financial statements based upon a linear regression of the past three years of performance for your company. Anything less than 3 years of information limits our ability to use linear regression.

  • Q.Can You Only Do Linear Regression?

    A.We offer services ranging from linear regression to full business modeling including strategy sessions in which we can go over the assumptions for every line item in your P&L, Cash Flow and Balance Sheet data.

  • Q.What if I Don't Have 3 Years of Financials?

    A.Please schedule a consultation.

  • Q.How Do You Know How I Want My Statements Structured?

    A.Your confirmation email will also include a simple worksheet for you to make any changes to our suggested structure.

  • Q.Why are You Making This Offer?

    A.Financials are the foundation for all of the work we do at Critical Factors. We specialize in assisting small business owners to create EXECUTABLE business strategies and we differentiate ourselves by offering the entire process free of charge (THE PIP) or working alongside small business CEOs to execute their strategies through The Critical Factors Management System.

    Our MISSION is to transform the world economy by making a sustainable positive impact on small business productivity, profitability, bankability and valuation.

    We can afford to make this limited time offer to further our MISSION and it also provides the foundation for potential new client relationships.

  • Q.Do You Offer Any Guarantee?

    A.We are confident that you will be surprised by the level of detail and quality of our work but, if for any reason, you are not completely satisfied, we will promptly refund your payment – no questions asked.