Attention: Small Business Owners

Make the transition from running a business (you primarily DO most of the work) to building a company (you primarily GET THINGS DONE through your people).

Eliminate the disappointment of poor performance, the frustration of low productivity and the stress of diminishing profitability.

Get Your Step-by-Step Guide to Sustainable Increase in Productivity!

  • 7 Critical Steps To Improve Business Performance
  • Create Alignment and Drive Accountability
  • Inspire Employee Engagement And Optimal Productivity
  • Templates and Case Studies Provide Context
  • A Complete Process for Maximizing Valuation & Bankability!

Execute These 7 Steps Guaranteed To Increase Employee Productivity

  • Learn Secrets To Setting Executable Goals

    Follow this step by step process for providing goal clarity to your entire team. Establish measurable goals and accountability for the critical factors to your success.

  • Lead an Aligned & Engaged Team

    Learn the systematic process for getting EVERY member of your team working in alignment, inspired to hold themselves accountable to performing at their best to achieve your business vision.

  • Effectively Manage Execution

    Follow this step by step process to further improve morale and increase productivity through consistent and objective monitoring, management and execution of budgets and  performance metrics.

Streamline Business Production & Increase Business Profits From The Ground Up

  • Create Sustainability From the Ground Up

    Implement the foundational elements that give purpose to your goals, give your employees a greater sense of accomplishment and inspire them to consistently improve their performance.

  • Manage Time, The Resource That Ties Everything Together

    Add a time element to every function of the company to ensure timely course correction and profitable execution of the business strategy.

  • Focus Your Team on Increased Cash Flow

    Cash is the lifeblood of every company. Engage your team in reducing expenses at the same time that everyone is focused on increasing revenue.

What Clients Say About THE PIP

Dr. Jeffrey James, CEO Dr. Jeffrey James, CEO, Westside Spine & Injury Centers

David Kinney did for me in about 2 months what I have been unable to do in 20 years. In the short time I’ve been with him we doubled our gross income, improved our profitability substantially, and he implemented a brilliant system by which to both track and manage our practice. I now have a core team committed and motivated to achieve my goals, and after the initial ground work he laid out for us, we are on our way to a more systemized and stress-less way of operating. David Kinney is the CEO’s CEO. I can’t thank him enough for what he’s helped us to achieve.

Vladimir Tomljenovic, President Vladimir Tomljenovic, President, AtlasProfilax

We had been running AtlasProfilax as a family business through two generations. We knew there must be some way to set up a system to organize our company and run it better but we just couldn’t figure it out. We have been trying for several years to come up with a system to uniformly market our various offices throughout the country. David Kinney came into our company and figured out the system within a month. Within two months the system was in place and we began to operate as a real company and expanded into two additional countries. David has a systematic approach to doing everything and we are so glad we found him and we now have a great system in place. We can’t say enough good things about David Kinney and his Critical Factors Management System.

These are the exact steps I follow for improving the performance of client companies of every size, stage and industry, from restaurants to aerospace... Download and use them... they work!

David Round No Border White


David G. Kinney, CEO of the Kinney Group
Developer of The Critical Factors Management System & THE PIP


Get The Instructions That Break Down THE PIP Checklist Into Detailed Actionable Steps

You Know The Steps,
Now Get Help Implementing Them

RightThis unique seven step process of improving employee performance and business success has only been available through the Critical Factors Management System (CFMS). Now you can implement this small business management system into your company by following this detailed manual that explains each step.

What Makes This Approach Different

THE PIP represents the exact steps taken to improve the performance of companies of various sizes in every industry and stage of development through implementation of The Critical Factors Management System.

Now, the steps are revealed in THE PIP Checklist and explained in THE PIP Manual. Why?

We believe that small business is the backbone of the US economy. We know that every company will operate more efficiently if they implement these 7 steps.

Our Mission is to improve the performance of 1,000 small businesses in 2016 and we can’t possibly implement The Critical Factors Management System into all of them.

So, we offer:

  • THE PIP Checklist for FREE. If it resonates with you…
  • THE PIP Manual for a nominal price of $19.95. And, if you just want it all done for you and your business qualifies...
  • The Critical Factors Management System (CFMS) which is The Complete Corporate Performance Management System for Small Business

So this approach….

  • …gives you the opportunity to evaluate the process for free (checklist)… risk $19.95 buying a book that will transform your company (oh wait, there’s no risk – we will fully refund your $19.95 if you are not completely satisfied with the value you get)
  • …gives us the opportunity to work with small business owners that can truly benefit from our work because… if you download the checklist and it resonates with you we’re one step closer to fulfilling our Mission… and then, if you purchase the book because you want to PIP your company… then we are in alignment and your company may qualify for CFMS

...creates a win-win relationship.


And if you're thinking, "$19.95 is so cheap! What's the catch?" then here are three reasons that should put your mind at ease:

  • $19.95 puts the report within reach of the vast majority of small business owners... from the start-up entrepreneur seeking to establish a solid foundation... to the Fortune 500 CEO operating on shaky ground. (And at $19.95, you shouldn’t have to get approval from the Board).
  • Anyone who's not serious enough about improving their business to invest $19.95 into it isn't going to take the time to use the methods laid out in the manual anyway.
  • Anyone who is serious enough to put down the price of lunch to buy the manual is serious about making improvements in their business and we know you are going to benefit from sustainable increase in productivity, profitability and valuation ...which furthers our Mission.

We also believe that once you experience this Manual, you’ll want more and maybe… just maybe… you’ll be impressed by your results... engage with us more and possibly even become a Critical Factors Management System client.

But that’s it…

No fine print… no “hidden trials”… no telemarketing. Just the information you request, the support you need and the results you seek.

Get Your PIP Manual Today For Only $19.95!

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Try it risk free today. Your purchase is 100% guaranteed! If after trying the methods detailed in this instructional manual for 60 days you are not satisfied, and have NOT been able to effectively follow the steps and improve your employee and overall business performance, we will refund your purchase. Fair enough?

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