The Critical Factors Management System

Corporate Performance Optimization Done For You

  • Clarification of Company Goals

    Clarification, quantification and clear communication of the company goals is critical to creating alignment among all members of the team. This is the first step in the process of implementing Critical Factors.

  • Identification of the Critical Factors to Your Company's Success

    Critical Factors include but go beyond Key Performance Indicators and Significant Assumptions. Your critical factors are unique and we will identify those that will make you most successful and set you apart from your competition.

  • Allocation of Accountability for Critical Factors Performance

    Critical Factors provides complete clarity of accountability and fosters pride in ownership of responsibility. Your job becomes easier and morale improves as each member of the team strives to perform at their very best in executing your vision.

  • Consistent, Objective & Transparent Performance Monitoring

    The consistency, objectivity & transparency of the system creates an environment in which every member of the team holds each other and themselves accountable.

  • Timely Course Correction

    Occasionally goals will be missed. Deadlines will pass. But the structure and schedule of the Critical Factors Management System ensure that timely course corrections can be made to get back on track and ensure execution of the overall business strategy.

  • Stable Refinement & Disciplined Execution of the Strategy

    When goals are not achieved the problem is either the performance or the strategy itself. The ‘feedback loop’ within Critical Factors enables us to determine where the problem is and allows for stable refinement of the strategy as needed.

You Can't Do It All By Yourself

No one knows your business and your company better than you. You conceived of it, you gave birth to it and you’ve nurtured it into a viable entity.

To reach your full potential as a business, however, you must rely upon your employees to execute your vision. After all, every business strategy has to be executed through people. But don’t kid yourself. Statistically, 70% of ALL employees are disengaged.

It is critical to your ultimate success that you inspire the best from your people and systematically optimize their productivity through a consistent, structured process.

The Critical Factors Management System creates alignment, inspires engagement and generates self-accountability while providing the structure for systematic EXECUTION of any business strategy.

Critical Factors Creates:

  • An aligned team
  • An engaged workforce
  • A team that owns responsibility
  • Improvement in morale
  • Improvement in product/service quality
  • Increased productivity
  • Improvement in cash flow
  • Increased profitability
  • Improvement in enterprise value

The best managed team wins.

Have a Complete Management System
Customized to Your Unique Requirements within 45 Days

Your Total Investment of Time Will Be 2 Days

Achieving ultimate success within any business requires well-defined and quantifiable goals. It necessitates a clear and clearly-communicated strategy with management buy-in. It demands effective and efficient execution of the strategy.

Effective and efficient execution necessitates a commitment to identifying the critical factors to your success and allocating those critical factors to the appropriate members of a management team that holds themselves accountable to exceptional performance. It demands that you take the data that resides within your organization and convert it into useful information in order to ensure objective performance monitoring. It requires that performance monitoring be conducted on a consistent, regularly scheduled basis in order to ensure timely course correction. And, ideally, it distinguishes between weaknesses in performance versus weaknesses in the strategy.

The more clear, objective, consistent and timely you are in establishing your goals, developing, refining and executing your strategy, the more profitable and valuable your company will be.

Because of our systematic process for customization and implementation of the Critical Factors Management System, we can have the system working for you within 45 days with minimal disruption to your operation; your total investment of time will be 2 days.

Our Customization and Implementation of the
Critical Factors Management System includes:

  • Review of Historical Financials: We are going to execute a strategy to achieve your goals through the Critical Factors Management System. Thus, we will be setting individual goals for each aspect of the operation of your company. In order to ensure that those goals are realistic, we will review up to three years of historical financial statements.
  • Review of Current Performance Review Process: The Critical Factors Management System is an overlay to any existing systems. It can replace or supplement your current performance review process. We just want to ensure no redundancy.
  • Refinement or Development of and Management Buy-in to Mission, Vision and Values: While Mission, Vision and Values are often only considered as aspects of a business plan, properly conceived, they are the foundation of the corporate identity and purpose. During our full day planning session with your management team we will review and confirm the goals of the company in terms of its mission and vision and discuss the outward (brand) and inward (values) identity of your company.
  • Refinement or Development of and Management Buy-in to Operating Strategy: During our full day planning session we review and confirm the operating strategy for your company. If you do not have a strategy, Critical Factors can start the process of developing and refining one.
  • Allocation of Accountability for Critical Factor Performance to Appropriate Members of the Management Team: During our full day planning session we identify the critical factors to your operating strategy, set specific goals for those critical factors and allocate accountability for timely execution of those critical factors to the appropriate members of your management team. Our process ensures management buy-in to responsibility for goal achievement.
  • Objective, Consistent and Timely Performance Monitoring: Our full day planning session includes a review of historical performance, a SWOT analysis and the establishment of objective metrics and accountability for executing on those metrics. Most importantly, it also establishes a schedule for consistent, on-going monitoring of performance and a mechanism for keeping the team on track to achieve the overall corporate goals.
  • Complete Documentation: The full day planning session provides all of the information necessary to customize the Critical Factors Management System to your unique requirements. We provide complete documentation including performance monitoring elements of the system.

Complete Customization, Implementation and Documentation of the Critical Factors Management System is offered at a fixed fee of $12,500

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What Do Clients Say?

“David’s systematic approach and process allowed us the transparency and accountability needed to gain the insight, guidance and tools needed in an unassuming and non-threatened environment.

We all enjoyed working with David; he was instrumental in gaining our company’s insight through his diplomacy, impartiality and due diligence. He had a way of bringing out everyone’s unique and hidden talents.

I am glad to have worked with David and again have our team on track with common goals; he has helped us in creating a clear and unified Vision for executing optimal profitability.”

-- Louis Ponce, President
Coast Aerospace Manufacturing


“We have been running AtlasProfilax as a family business through two generations. We have been trying for several years to come up with a system to uniformly market our various offices throughout the country but were too busy running our company to figure it out.

David Kinney came into our company and figured out a system within a month. Within two months the system was in place and we began to operate as a real company.

David has a systematic approach to doing everything and we are so glad we found him. We can’t say enough good things about David Kinney and his Critical Factors Management System.”

-- Vladimir Tomljenovic, President
AtlasProfilax North America

The Critical Factors Management System
helps overcome the challenges of managing people
and inspires the performance you seek:

  • Buy-in: In order to get the greatest productivity out of people you must have their buy in. If they don’t believe it, they won’t achieve it. Critical Factors is designed to gain complete buy-in to the goals and strategies of your company.
  • Accountability: Assigning responsibility and holding people accountable is one form of accountability management. Depending upon your management style and the nature of the people you manage, it may or may not be effective. The goal needs to be to inspire people to perform at their best when you are not looking. Critical Factors is designed to inspire your team to hold each other as well as themselves personally accountable.
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  • Excellence: You can hire the most qualified and most motivated people available and generate mediocre performance from them. Can you hire unqualified and unmotivated people and generate excellence? That may be a stretch but Critical Factors is designed to inspire excellence and identify those that will never achieve it.
  • Team Work: Individuals win trophies, teams win championships. In a perfect world you will have a topnotch team comprised of outstanding individuals. In all instances, you need your people to operate as a cohesive team. Critical Factors is designed to integrate the performance of all departments and divisions within your company, breakup silos and, in the case of a merger or acquisition, even get disparate cultures to seamlessly work together.

Save Time & Opportunity Costs

Most business owners simply don’t have the time, in-house resources or expertise to develop a comprehensive business strategy. They know where they want to go. They know how they want to get there but the challenge is not in DOING what needs to be done; the challenge is in GETTING THINGS DONE through other people. The challenge is in managing the resources, especially the human resources, integral to achieving business objectives.

Even for business owners that have a clearly defined strategy, the challenge remains: executing the strategy through resources that have a mind of their own.

Many will invest in performance management software or various ‘flavor of the month’ management approaches. Some will ultimately come to the realization that there is a big difference between performance monitoring (historical observation of achievement – or lack thereof – relative to set objectives) and performance management (pro-active management to achieve objectives).

Performance monitoring is only a component of performance management. Effective performance management requires consideration of human psychology.

Complete Customization, Implementation & Documentation: $12,500

Thank You For Your Interest in The Critical Factors Management System

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The Critical Factors Management System
Solves Your Management Challenges

You want to be free to provide leadership and inspiration to an engaged team working in alignment to profitably execute your vision.
You want a proven system for focusing your entire team on the factors that are critical to your success.
You want a management system that truly works for your unique business and inspires maximum productivity.

You Want the Critical Factors Management System.

Critical Factors did for me in about 2 months what I have been unable to do in 20 years. In the short time since it's been implemented we doubled our gross income, improved our profitability substantially, and now have a brilliant system by which to both track and manage our practice.

I now have a core team committed and motivated to achieve my goals, and after the initial ground work, we are on our way to a more systemized and stress less way of operating.

Dr. Jeffrey James, Owner, Westside Spine & Injury Centers

The Critical Factors Management System

The Most Effective & Efficient Process for Systematic Execution of Any Business Strategy

There’s a big difference between a corporate performance monitoring system, a corporate management consultant and the Critical Factors Management System. The Critical Factors Management System puts YOU in control – it is a management system that you use to drive performance; not merely monitor it. Thus, you also benefit from what we’re not:

  • We’re NOT simply a monitoring system. Monitoring performance is absolutely essential to business success. You can buy an off the shelf solution or even simply use spreadsheets to monitor performance (we do). Monitoring, however, is historical and only represents an element of a performance management system. It is good to know what your planned versus actual results are but it is all the more important to use that information to drive future performance.
  • We’re NOT the cheapest solution out there. Like most things in life, you get what you pay for. We don’t know of another solution that provides the results we deliver. We are not as cheap as an off the shelf performance monitoring system but, since we specifically work with you to create sustained improvement in profitability, we believe we are the most valuable solution.
  • We’re NOT a flavor of the month. We’ve designed the Critical Factors Management System to be completely customizable to the unique requirements of your company goals and strategy. It can be integrated into any business intelligence system or used on a stand-alone basis. Once implemented, you can execute through it, your management consultant can execute through it or you can retain us to execute through it. The Critical Factors Management System is designed to be the most effective system for executing ANY business strategy.

Ready to Start Realizing Your Full Potential?

Implementing a performance management system could be the single most important action you can take today to increase productivity, optimize profitability and maximize valuation for your company. To learn more about the Critical Factors Management System, simply schedule an introductory call. Our convenient scheduling system will provide a calendar of available dates and times. There is no obligation and you will not be contacted other than by your request.

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